spirit island pickup lines

it's valentine's day, here are some pickup lines, quality not assured ofc

warning: some are nsfw and will be tucked behind a spoiler

  • are you river? because you wash me away
  • are you earth? you draw me to your fruitiness.
  • are you hearth-vigil? you fortify my heart
  • are you many minds? you can guide my way on feathered wings
  • are you lair's incarna? because i never want to leave you
  • are you bringer? because i dream about you constantly
  • are you downpour? because you're good at suppressing conflict
  • are you wildfire? because you're hot and trans
  • are you relentless gays? you should consider a harmonious nature with me
  • are you snek? i want you to absorb my essence
  • are you wandering voice? your song is mind-shattering
  • did you heal with 5 water markers? because your waters renew me
  • are you finder? because you lay paths i cannot help but walk
  • are you a 4 cost major with exactly 5 elements? i want you to weave together our fabrics of place
  • are you a 6-cost major that targets inland? i feel your irresistible call
  • can you gather me into your land? i seek company from you
  • can i add some fear to your fear pool? i find you to my liking
  • are you a spread of rampant green? because i want you to proliferate me
  • are you boddys? you can abduct me into your endless dark
  • are you relentless gays? i'll let you relentlessly punish me
  • are you a minor that can't target wetlands? i want your dry wood to explode in smouldering splinters
  • are you a major that forgets other cards? you can unleash a torrent on me
  • are you the 5-energy major that was added in nature incarnate? i'd like to unearth your beast of wrathful stone
  • can you push me one land inland? i'm seeking your interior
  • can my towns deal +1 damage? i want to strip your land bare
hey handsome πŸ˜‰ 😳 are you ready to experience πŸ’¦ nature incarnate πŸ’¦ together? my πŸ”₯ ember-eyed πŸ‘οΈ behemoth πŸ† can go on a ⛏️ mining expedition πŸ—ΊοΈ through the roots of the jungle 🌴 and down your spine 🩻. afterwards, you can relentlessly gaze πŸ‘€ at my unconstrained ⛓️ warrior πŸͺ–, and then tap my salt deposits πŸ§‚ so hard that i'll be πŸ€• wounded & bleeding 🩸. you can go on as terrifying 😱 of a rampage as you want and πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ dance up earthquakes 🌎 on my locus. after you finally harvest πŸͺ΄ me, my transformative sacrifice πŸ”ͺ will leave both 2️⃣ of our shattered πŸ’” fragments of power together πŸ‘¬ at the border of life and death πŸ’€. so, what do you say πŸ’¬? wanna have an πŸ‘» ethereal conjunction with me? 😘

tbh this looks better as a discord message (if on computer, you can right click and open in a new tab)