winning at spirit island... with no spirits?

the invaders just arrived on the ordinary island. it was just an ordinary island, there's really nothing fancy going on.

all that was on this island were a few dahan villages, some mosquitoes (potentially carrying disease), and a flock of birds, how hard would it be to colonize, really?

well, the spirits may be absent, but what if the invaders are extremely unlucky?

  • start on board d
  • the invaders decide that the deserts are the most promising, that they may contain gold.
    initial explore sands
  • in their first year, they build some settlements in the deserts. they then decide that they need more wood to expand more, and head out to the jungles to get some wood.
    build sands, adding a town in d4 and a city in d7
    explore jungles
  • in their second year, a foreign nation decides to attack the invaders here. the invaders here rally together in a wave of nationalism, but since there are no spirits to help blunt the offensive, the foreign nation gets to wreak havoc on the invaders' biggest city.
    turn 2 event: far-off wars touch the island, the destruction is encouraged, destroying the town and city in d7 on top of generating 4 fear and adding 2 blight
  • the mountains nearby, due to the fighting, have become harder to live in.
    ecosystem damage adds a badlands in d5
  • seeing as this is their chance, the dahan in d1 decide to go attack the city in d2, taking back the fishing areas that they used to fish in, taking advantage of the mosquitoes to make the invaders unable to build anything there for some time.
    return to old pillars gather 2 dahan from d1 to d2
    dahan reclaim fishing grounds destroys the city in d2
  • the explorer in the inland jungle decides that it's no longer worth it to keep exploring this island by themself, so they leave.
    isolation removes the explorer in d6
  • the surviving explorer in d7 gets angry at the dahan for letting the foreign nation destroy the city, and tries to attack the dahan. they don't hurt the dahan much, and the dahan beat the explorer up.
    ravage sands, d7 ravages, killing the explorer
  • the settlement that is still intact ravages the desert looking for gold. it doesn't find anything, and the people there have gotten depressed that they haven't found anything.
    d4 ravages, adding a blight, flipping the blight card
    a pall upon the land flips, removing the town from d4
  • the mosquitoes get in the way of the efforts to build anything in the jungle, which the dahan knew.
    build jungles, d6 is empty while d2 removes the disease
  • the invaders have realized their mistakes and now they want to search the mountains for gold, but the mountains are too far away at this point.
    explore mountains, neither mountain has a source of explorers
  • the year after, the explorer in the sands decides to join their friend in the jungle.
    turn 3 event: local diaspora, pushing the explorer from d4 to d2
  • the flock of birds from nearby has flown over, and the dahan in the sands have decided that their land was no longer livable. this could be an omen to the explorers that they won't last long.
    beasts prowl pushes the beast from d3 to d2, forsake the barren land pushes 2 dahan from d7 to d1
  • the explorers make a final standoff. they do manage to destroy a dahan village and damage the surrounding environment a bit, but one of the nearby dahan villages captures them, and they are never seen again.
    ravage jungles, d2 ravages, adding a blight and destroying a dahan, dahan counterattack destroys both explorers
  • and the invaders have been wiped off the land completely.
    terror 1 victory!
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